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Let’s talk a bit about the climate crisis. I see messages and comments to food b…

Let’s talk a bit about the climate crisis. I see messages and comments to food bloggers all the time, telling them to “stick to food!”. If eating food was just a purely animal process of getting nourishment, then sure, food would just be food (but then I guess nobody would be blogging about it). However, food is entwined with culture. History. Geography. Sociopolitical milieu. And, most importantly, the planet. All food comes from the planet, one way or another. The foods and source are inextricably connected. In my lifetime, I have watched “global warming” transform from a controversial political talking point into a horrifying, immediate reality. The evidence is indisputable; and to that point, I want to clarify a common misconception. Any time there’s a very cold day, I see people blast on social media things like, “See! It’s so cold! Global warming is a myth!”. However, that is factually wrong. Full stop. Global warming isn’t about cold or hot individual days – it’s about far-reaching patterns that transcend single events. We already know that the polar ice caps are melting. Storms are getting fiercer, record temperatures are being set every year, along with countless other global, wide-ranging patterns that are all emblematic of the same crisis. Global warming is happening right now, and it’s BEEN happening, so what can we do about it? There are many avenues towards living an environmentally friendly lifestyle, but one of the most potent measures is to adopt a mostly plant-based or vegetarian diet. By and large, it takes fewer resources and requires a smaller carbon footprint to produce plant food, as opposed to its animal counterparts. I don’t espouse a 100% vegan diet for every single person… only you can make that choice for yourself. However, my goal with this account is to inspire others to try vegetarian dishes, and to maybe fall in love with plant foods like I have. It’s a judgement-free zone here. If ing my blog has made you find one vegetarian recipe that you like, then I’ll have considered myself a success!

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